Astronaut Talk with Richard Hieb

ASTRONAUT TALK with Richard J. Hieb
Thursday, November 17 from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. $5 per person.

Richard (Rick) Hieb was selected as a NASA astronaut in June 1985 and flew on STS-39 in 1991, STS-49 in 1992, and STS-65 in 1994. He has logged more than 750 hours in space, including more than 17 hours in spacewalks.

Hieb began his career as an aerospace engineer with NASA, working in Mission Operations. He was in Mission Control for the first Space Shuttle launch in 1981,
and was involved in many shuttle missions in various roles, becoming an expert in rendezvous and satellite deploy and retrieve missions. Selected as an astronaut in 1985, For most people, his most well-known flight was the maiden voyage of Endeavour, which was built to replace the lost Challenger Space Shuttle. The 1992 Endeavour flight was a satellite rescue mission that involved a number of high profile spacewalks, culminating in the first and only three person spacewalk where Rick and his colleagues captured a 9000 pound satellite in their spacesuit gloved hands. They then attached the satellite to a booster rocket, and released it, sending it safely on its way to the originally intended orbit. In addition to being the only three person spacewalk in history, this held the record for more than ten years as the longest ever spacewalk, at just under eight and a half hours.

In 1995 Rick left NASA to enter private industry, where he spent 20 years as an aerospace executive, managing a wide array of activities, involved in nearly every aspect of space flight, with a workforce distributed from Alaska to Antarctica. He is currently a Scholar in Residence instructor at the University of Colorado in Boulder, recognizing the importance of this opportunity to help develop the next generation of engineering talent. Hieb received a Bachelor of Arts degree in math and physics from Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho, graduating with highest honors, and a Master of Science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Colorado.

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