How to Read a Book in a Day &Remember It

Do you ever feel like you’ve got more reading to do than time? You start your day with great intentions but soon enough, the books, reports, emails, and digital content just keeps piling up.

You may even find yourself re-reading things to remember them.

But what if you had a proven system to read 2 to 3x faster, absorb it all and gain an advantage in your business and personal life?

How to Read a Book in a Day & Remember it does more than just improve your reading speed. It empowers you and builds your confidence as you combine your new faster reading speed with a remarkable memory.

If you’re seeking a new career, want a pay raise or need to learn new information to make your business more profitable and efficient, you will definitely benefit from the advantage that faster reading and a better memory provide.

During this two-part workshop you will quickly resolve the slower reading habits you learned as a child and optimize your member with brain-proven “sticky memory strategies” so that you activate the faster speed, focus, retention and comprehension you need to thrive in today’s information economy. Remember the saying, “The faster you learn, the more you can earn.”

Expect to increase your reading speed by up to 100% and powerfully enhance your memory with 4 proven strategies used by world memory champions.

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Event Start Date: 07/19/2022 Event End Date: 07/19/2022

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

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Katherine Roth

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Jamestown, ND

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