James River Genealogy Club meeting

James River Genealogy Club meeting Tuesday, 11-7-23, 7pm at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 1000-5th Ave. NE, Jamestown, ND. Topic:
Food Heritage and Family History
Exploring food heritage provides a wonderful way of increasing understanding of your
ancestors and the way they lived their lives. Here are some ideas for how to explore and
share at our next genealogy meeting.
You could set up interviews with older family members with some of these sample questions:
What do you remember eating as a child?
Was that different from what grown-ups ate?
What was your favorite meal or food growing up?
How did you learn to prepare recipes and meals?
Did you eat foods with ethnic or immigrant connections growing up?
What was one of your favorite recipes?
How did you obtain most of the food you ate growing up? Grow it yourself? Purchased at a
store? If you had a garden, what did you grow? Was garden harvest used for your family’s consumption, or was some of it sold? Did you raise animals for consumption? How did you preserve food? (canning? dehydrating? freezing?)
What do you remember about your parents’ or grandparents’ kitchens growing up? What sort
of tools and appliances did they use?
If your family experienced hard times, did this influence family meals and diet?
Documents & memories: recipe boxes or cookbooks with notations in ancestor’s
handwriting; photos of any kitchen, farming, or food production; family’s recipes related to
ethnic, racial, or religious heritage; types of foods associated with specific occasions or holidays; newspaper ads or articles highlighting your ancestor’s culinary skills like baking contests or county fair premium listings
Food memories and recipes are a legacy to be cherished and passed on!

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Event Start Date: 11/07/2023 Event End Date: 11/07/2023

Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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James River

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St. Paul's United Methodist Church

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1000 5th Ave. NE
Jamestown, ND58401

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