Lunch with artist Lino Azevedo

Lobotomy by Lino Azevedo
February 7 – March 16, 2019

EXHIBIT LUNCH – Wednesday, February 27 at 12:00 pm
Enjoy lunch with the artist Lino Azevedo. Hear about his work and the current exhibition. A homemade lunch will be available for $5 (or bring your own). Call 701-251-2496 to RSVP by February 25 if you would like lunch.

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Art can be a powerful communicator, sometimes the message is subtle and sometimes its aggressive. Lino’s approach will likely generate a visceral reaction for many who view his exhibition. The exhibition’s title, Lobotomy says it all. Rendered in high detail these ghoulish “portraits” tell the stories of social injustices and political apathy.

After only a couple of months of watch­ing cable news and reality TV shows, the artist was mortified at our culture’s lack of engagement on substantive matters. In the information age it deeply saddened the artist that we do not dive deep into real political and social issues that are facing our society. We have access to all the great libraries in the world and yet, our airways are filled with mind numbing entertainment. With a noticeable lack of critical thinking and civil discourse, Lino was compelled to hold a mirror up to our so­ciety to show how we have lobotomized ourselves. These portraits are the result of the artist’s anguish.

The artist’s message, “Turn off the television. Put the smart phone down. Engage. Think. And, by all means, revisit real conversations with fellow citizens. Connect.”

Lino Azevedo was born in the 1970’s to Portuguese immigrants near the city of San Francisco, California. Like most small children, Lino enjoyed creating from the soul with simple tools like pencil and crayon. Being a painter herself, his mother saw the potential and let him try his hand with her oils and brushes.

Pictured above: At The Desk 2, mixed media on canvas

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Event Start Date: 02/27/2019 Event End Date: 02/27/2019

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