Training on Business Recordkeeping Techniques and Small Business Financing

Join us for a two-part discussion on the basics of business record keeping techniques and small business financing. One part will entail a conversation on sales tax compliance and record keeping, data management for ease of annual tax filings, payroll setup and record keeping, a review of Schedule C or Schedule F on the tax return, and a review of QuickBooks. This discussion will be led by Jennifer B. Bollingberg, Certified Public Accountant, with Schauer & Associates, P.C.

Another discussion will be held on the topic of small business financing. Where does one begin in the process of securing a loan to start-up or purchase a business? Elements that need addressing when preparing a plan for securing financing are as follows: an executive summary, the identification of products/services, a description of operations, a list of business information, a location conducive to business activity, a competitive analysis of the market, an effective marketing plan, a personal financial statement, a cash flow projection, capital equipment, a timetable of activities key to starting a business, a list of sources of financing, historical business information, and supporting exhibits (resumes, organizational charts, legal documents, letters of reference, market surveys, photographs and any other relevant information). This discussion will be led by Kelly Rachel, President of Unison Bank.

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Event Start Date: 05/16/2019 Event End Date: 05/16/2019

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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Katherine Roth

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University of Jamestown

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Unruh Sheldon Building, Room 132
Jamestown, ND58405

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