What is SMS Marketing and how to use it to grow your e-Commerce Sales



Are you using SMS Text Marketing to Grow Your Business? Studies show that many contacts are tied to their smartphones and want to get their information through SMS (Text) Marketing. The key to successful SMS marketing is to make sure that the content benefits your contacts. Join our webinar to learn how to successfully set up and use SMS Marketing to connect and engage with your contacts and customers. Learn best practices of SMS Marketing and how to keep your contacts subscribed and interacting with your company.

Learn About:

• How to set goals and use SMS marketing safely for your customers and contacts.
• Content that works best when using SMS text messaging for businesses.
• How to set up SMS marketing legally and how to keep contacts subscribed.
• Statistics on SMS Marketing and how it works best for retail and business customers.
• Smarter strategies for using SMS marketing to grow your lists and sales.
• Top incentives to increase SMS subscribers and keep them responding.
• Examples of companies using SMS marketing correctly.
• Media mixing with SMS, Social Media, Email Marketing and more.
• How to measure your results & improve future SMS posts.
• Conversion actions to turn SMS leads into customers and use data to realize your goals.
• Understand legal guidelines for SMS marketing to keep your company compliant.

Please join us to learn what SMS Marketing is and how to use it to grow your e-Commerce Sales.

More Info: https://jrecenter.com/event/webinar-what-is-sms-marketing-and-how-to-use-it-to-grow-your-e-commerce-sales

Event Start Date: 10/06/2022 Event End Date: 10/06/2022

Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

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Katherine Roth

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Virtual Workshop

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Jamestown, ND

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